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FM Tech

How are you using technology to maximize your facility management services within your building, campus, city, and across nations?    

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FM Advisory Services

Let's maximize your FM potential.

Facilities contain many moving parts, customers, technology, assets, finances, and energy. Let's connect for a free intro discussion.   

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FM Training


Is it time for some Facility Management Training?

Not all information equals knowledge; therefore the first 10 students for each new product training launches will include a free 30 - minute, one to one coaching session with the instructor.

Giving Back 

It is important to give back. To share. Starting in December 2021, a portion of our revenue, generated from all online training will go towards two important sustainability initiatives:

  • to provide water through community wells in arid countries. Currently impacting 569,450 people, monitoring 1,532 wells at 98% flow. Click here, Water Project 
  • to provide electricity to villages by building solar panels. Today, 640,000 people, have light in 1,896 villages in 96 countries. Click here, Barefoot College 


In the meantime, if you have other training requirements, please reach out to us. 

[email protected] 


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From cradle to cradle

Sustainable Facility Management

Buildings account for 39% of global energy consumed through both construction and operations. How are your facilities operating to ensure the environmental, social, and economic factors are maximized?  

Source:  Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GABC)

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What is Facility Management?

Facility Management (FM) is the effective and sustainable integration of people, place, and process, enabled by relevant technology within the built environment. It crosses all service industry sectors including: Residential, Commercial (offices), Education, Healthcare, Hospitality (hotels and restaurants), Retail, Manufacturing, Townships, IT Parks, Data Centres, and Airports/Airlines... and one day, outer space.

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