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Operational Reviews


Is it time to break away from the daily routine? 

An Operational Review brings a trusted advisor in to assess the facility services department. We can review up to 12 functional areas. They are: 

Strategy & Leadership 

A mistake When applied, strategy & leadership ensures the organization's Vision, Mission, and Core Values are aligned with operational excellence in the Facility Management department. Without it, the FM department risks operating in isolation with a loss of focus and purpose to serve that mandate. 

Human Resources 

Every step taken appropriately can contribute to the department's overall success and, ultimately, the organization. Ensuring the FM employees are well-trained and focused on measurable success will benefit all stakeholders.

Financial Systems 

All Facility Management teams co-exist with its financial realities. Therefore, maximizing all available resources with effective and efficient systems helps improve the demand organization's financial viability.

Physical Resources  

Most assets have a predetermined life cycle under prescribed maintenance programs. Therefore, these assets must serve the organization's mandate in a way that augments the university's objectives. 

Performance Measurement 

"If it is not measured, it is not managed" – performance indicators and a corresponding system enable management to understand the cause and effect of operational decisions – without it, it is like driving a car at night without the headlights turned on.


Operations execute the work required to deliver the FM services effectively. It can be a highly complex process behind the scenes and yet, to the customer, appear effortless.


Due to the expansive range of properties or distance within a single property and the number of daily trips to accomplish work order requirements, it is imperative to review the transportation strategies within the FM department for cost savings in labor and materials.


There is a direct correlation between appropriate communication and the effective delivery of a service or product. Once communication lines are severed, it is only a matter of time before the business objectives begin failing. 


Digitization is an integral aspect of an effective Facility Management Department. The efficient functionality and integration of hardware and software through the various business processes are tantamount to any organization's success.

Customer Relationships 

Surveys indicate that "93% of dissatisfied customers never complain to the organization they purchased the product or service from." But they will tell other potential customers of their dissatisfaction. Therefore, this reality becomes mission-critical to understand how well or not the customer's FM experience is. Also, it is prudent to obtain practical suggestions to improve service delivery.

Supply Chain  

The procurement program within any FM department includes many suppliers and agreements. Reviewing these vendors will ensure purchasing consistencies and benefits to the FM department.


Buildings account for 40% of global energy consumption, 25% of global water consumption, and emit 33% of global emissions. How is your building performing in this key area of the Triple Bottom line i.e. Environment, Social, and Financial sustainability pillars?


What might this look like for your Facility Management team? Please click here to connect with us. 

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